Social Media & Print Design

Waconia Girls Basketball was coming off a good season in the 2017-18 campaign with a lot of expectations going into the 2018-19 season. Coach Pierson and I came together and wanted to take those expectations up a notch. We came up with an identity that showed that the girls were ready to live up to they hype.

That season, the team would go on to win their first and only Wright County Conference Championship.

*The pieces say “MADE BY FARNORTH DESIGNS” as a company I started and decided not to continue.

Unique & Personal

There were a few things  we knew needed to be added to the Game Day posts. Where, when, and what time. The rest was all about how to make it theirs. I decided that they needed a hashtag to help their team gain traction on social media. While we featured every player at least once, they also have their own personal signature to add to the personality which not only the players loved, but the parents too. We also made it a priority that whatever jersey they were going to wear that game was going to be on the Game Day piece.

The Numbers

1 +

Their average interactions per Game Day posts on Facebook.

1 +

Their average engagements per Game Day posts on Facebook.

1 +

They gained over 200 new unique followers across Twitter and Facebook.

Team Poster

The team poster was also a huge improvement over past years. In the past, they would just take a team picture and put the words “WILDCATS” above it. Something that wasn’t personal or unique at all. These posters are made for youth night where each kid in attendance gets a free poster. In past years they would order 75 posters and always have left overs. This years poster, they ordered 100 and didn’t have enough. 

Our program’s profile grew immensely because of Will’s wonderful work. The graphics are as good (or better) than what professional teams put out, and our kids felt like pros because of it. Fan interest also increased considerably. Will is worth every penny.

Carl Pierson

Former Girl’s Basketball Coach