2020 was a big election year. Not only for our president, but for city councils as well. Carl Pierson has been a political teacher for years and a was a first time candidate that has never ran for office before. He even has a book called “The Politics of Coaching”. He came to me to help create an identity for his campaign for city council. ​


We wanted to create a logo that was different from the rest of the political logos that you see. The normal colors for politics are red and blue, we decided to go a different route. We thought a dark blue would really show the relation to the lake in the town, and a gold color would help compliment that blue. With the sailboat being gold, the dark blue looks like water to bring it all together. The sailboat is to show a connection with the City of Waconia as their logo includes a sailboat in their logo also. 



Carl was able to pull off the victory against a two-term incumbent by a wide margin. He was able to get more than 66% of the votes, getting 2,339 votes in total. Carl will represent Ward 2 in Waconia for the next four years, representing not only the city of Waconia, but the people of Waconia.

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Will was wonderful to work with. While most campaigns have ‘cookie-cutter’ or cliche logos, Will offers original designs that capture the candidate’s persona and the public’s attention. He gave my campaign a brand that became instantly recognizable and helped propel me to a big win on Election Day.

Carl Pierson

Waconia city council member