St. Cloud Rox

This is my St. Cloud Rox page where I will be posting all my Rox content. I interned for the team in 2019 and was hired on full time for the 2020 season. I am the creative director which includes more than just graphics. Enjoy!

10th Anniversary Logo​

In 2021, the Rox would play their 10th season of baseball in the Northwoods League. This is a major milestone for the organization and wanted to show that in a new logo. This logo was used for all of our social media content, print, and web ads, and was a major part of our marketing plans for the season. 

There are two unique angles in the font. The sharp angle are at 71 degrees to represent the 1971 Rox team’s last season. The wider angles in the font are at 17 degrees which represents the 2017 World Series Championship. The first and only championship the Rox have won.